The Value of Human Motivation in the Workplace

On Tuesday, I was coaching a lady who is creating a very successful up-cycled, earth friendly, candle company.  We are nearing the end of our coaching journey together, since she has reached her goals for the coaching sessions in terms of turnover and general business objectives. This week we spent the majority of the session discussing motivation and how she can keep motivated after the sessions, especially during the winter months. Essentially, this lady works alone, so when motivation dips, it is up to her to push on through and to implement her own motivational coping strategies to create the high performance she wants and needs for her success. That is I suppose one of the downsides to entrepreneurship. Who do you turn to if it’s not your peers or leader to give you encouragement and inspiration to continue? We are born to connect and through that connection comes a leader’s ability to motivate their teams.

When we are properly motivated, there’s almost nothing we cannot achieve. Motivation keeps the wheels of civilisation turning. Knowing how to motivate your workforce will help ensure they’re enthusiastically bringing their best efforts each day and helping the company meet its sales and performance goals, whatever they might be. Proper motivation is hugely important for employee retention.

Many leaders, especially but not at all limited to leaders who are new to their roles, struggle to motivate their teams not because they don’t know how to but because it isn’t high on their agenda.

They focus on other priorities and yet research tells us that $300 billion is lost each year in the US by employers whose teams experience a lack of motivation (Forbes). A new research report, “Living to Work”, has shown employee motivation levels are on the decline. 29% of employees surveyed said they were not motivated at work in 2019 compared to just 18% who said the same in 2018.

When we think of motivating our employees it’s easy to consider quick wins, like bonuses and a pay rise, to get employees feeling happy and engaged again. However, the research shows companies need to think less about money and more about personal appreciation and creating an environment that encourages happiness and well-being in the workplace.

How do we do that?

Combining the insight and teachings from the world’s best thinkers around motivation, along with the techniques used by peak performance coaches and high achievers we teach many individuals and business leaders a complete and in-depth model for establishing and sustaining human motivation.  We call this Crack the Code and are currently using this model with leaders across many organisations in a variety of different industries.

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