The Importance of Personal Development

When I worked in corporate, I became really good at saying “I would love to join that webinar but I don’t have the time” or “I would love to attend that conference but my schedule won’t allow for it’. Fast forward, a few years later and, quite frankly, I wish someone would have pulled me up on that. I was so focused on my team and their development needs and the business as usual elements of my demanding roles that I put aside my own personal development plan without realising that this could be detrimental to my own role and, of course, that of my team.

Staying relevant and current is your responsibility as a leader!

“If you don’t, either your team will outgrow you or it will stagnate and forever stay at its current level. As leaders, we often get the teams that we deserve. Maybe not at first, but after a while, it becomes hard to deny that our teams are a direct reflection of ourselves” (Surdek, Forbes: 2019). It could be as simple as joining a weekly thirty minute webinar in which you learn a topic for growth and discuss it in your meetings. It could be reading a book relevant to your industry or leadership challenge or perhaps looking into some coaching.

Being committed to personal development will help you stay focused and resist distractions as you learn what your true values are. Ultimately, it will give you the necessary motivation to succeed in your role as a leader.

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