Ready for the Future?

Today we launched Leading Minds – a new leadership community that has been created to help leaders to grow together, achieve together and overcome the current challenges facing us all. 

How well has traditional management and leadership development armed us for the current situation we are finding ourselves in? As leaders do we feel that those days spent in hotel rooms discussing theories and concepts have really prepared us for what we are facing now?

I think not.

Even before the current pandemic there was a need to change the way we help our leaders to learn, grow and develop. The way we learn has changed – and we need a new way to help our leaders develop the skills and decision making capability they need to cope in todays volatile workspaces.

In these testing times the best thing we can do is to prepare ourselves for the future, by investing in our skills now.

McKinsey have published an article based on some research into the current crisis and the two most important organisational capabilities needed to survive are:

And when we are through the crisis the single biggest need will be innovation!

This is why we are launching Leading Minds

Leading Minds launched via a webinar this afternoon – here is a copy of the recording for you to listen in to and find out more.

Leading Minds will provide a space for you to join with others to discuss the issues you are wrestling with and provide help, support and creativity that will help you make better decisions.

Leading Minds is a new way of working together to help solve many of these leadership challenges:

  • 90-minute active call every 2 weeks
  • Hosted by a MicroCoach – specialist coaches and mentors who are all trained in the concepts of MicroLeadership™
  • The curriculum is driven by you – we will discuss what’s real in your world today. 
  • Each session is driven by your questions and your needs
  • All the outcomes will be highly practical and instant in their application – with immediate impacts
  • You learn together – with other Leading Minds
  • You will be part of a community of thriving leaders who will help one another with advice, guidance and best practice
  • Between calls you will have access to a What’s App group for ongoing and constant support if you need it
  • It will be like having a personal coach, and a whole host of experienced mentors with you whenever you need them

The schedule is as follows:

Monday 6th April – 3.30pm
Monday 20th April – 3.30pm
Monday 4th May – 3.30pm
Monday 18th May – 3.30pm
Monday 1st June – 3.30pm

Leading Minds costs just £89+VAT per person

If you think we can help your business and you would like to get a feel for who we are let’s have a chat.

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