Why fist pumping in your face “motivation” doesn’t work, and what does!

They are bloody annoying right – those people who pop up in our feed, or stand up on stage and bellow at the top of their voices about how great their life is and how you can have anything you want – and if you don’t it’s because you are just not trying hard enough. Blah blah blah!

The world seems to be full of these “motivational guru’s” promising the world, and making us feel like we shit because we aren’t “smashing it” (what does that even mean???)

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Don’t get me wrong – there is a place for what they do. Some people love it – you only have to look at the you tube figures for some of their videos. Many of them have made a lot of money creating a huge tribe of people who think they walk on water. And yet, it’s a bit like going to watch your favourite band live – you have an amazing experience and love the atmosphere and yet, the next day has it changed you? Has it fundamentally altered the way you think, the daily choices you make?

For some yes – but for most no. That is why they sign up for the next, and the next, because they want to get that “feeling” because in that moment they feel invincible. Yet when they get back home they are just as fallible as ever and in many cases feel worse because they have seen what they could be like – but they have not found a way to become.

This kind of motivation doesn’t work. This is why…

What is motivation? It is a wanting. It is a desire to move towards or away from something that we want (or want to avoid). At its heart is desire.

Motivation is all about emotion – and emotion is energy in motion. Therefore, motivation by its nature means movement – and there are only ever two drives of movement in humans. Pain or pleasure.

The in your face, fist pumping, walking over hot coals kind of motivation is designed to illicit the desire – to get you so excited that you walk away and want to change your world. Yet when you step back into your normal way of life that desire slips, it falls back step by step and normality ensues, and the commitments and the grand ideals gather dust…

The problem is our habits. Up to 90% of what we do day in day out happens without us even being consciously aware of it – through our habit system. Our habits exist based on our core beliefs and the emotional frequency we are tuned into. 

Our motivational guru’s hope that exposure to a different experience will create a different mindset – when the oppositive is in fact true. To change our experiences, we have to first change our mindset. That involves small changes to our daily choices, rewiring our brains bit by bit, day by day.

To change the world around us we have to change the world within us.

I know this because I have done it. I have had to slowly and surely re-wire my brain. Unlearn what I thought I knew. Unlearn what I had been led to believe by well-meaning parents and friends, teacher and associates – unlearn all the BS that was fed into my system! My own mental health issues were an effect of my own inner framework. It wasn’t caused by work or relationships or anything other external experience – it was created by the quality of my own thinking.

If I wanted to break free of the challenges of my own mental health I had to change the way I thought – and to do this I had to re-wire my brain and operate at a different frequency.

One thing I know for sure when I was in the midst of my mental health challenges I watched tons of these Tony Robbins style guru’s and to be perfectly frank, they frightened me to death! I could barely go a day without having a panic attack – the thought of going after a Big Hairy Audacious Goal at the time felt like jumping out of a plane without a parachute on! Frankly ridiculous and downright dangerous!

Yet over time I have learned the benefits of thinking big – I have learnt the mental practices that can help us throw off the comfort blanket and live a life that we can truly be in love with. 

You see I believe there is a better way to develop a mindset that is empowering and will fuel the transformation in your life. I believe that life is better when we can look in the mirror and become best friends with the image looking back. I believe that we when we can love who we are we are more ale to love others and be loved back.

I believe that life is better when you recognise your own brilliance and embrace being you – when we break free of the chains of worrying about what everyone else thinks and just do you. 

The reason I believe this so passionately is because I have done it – I have gone from feeling like I was at the bottom of the darkest pit and hating my life, to really being in love with being me. I can write this without any doubt or concern – I am 100% comfortable being who I am meant to be.

You can too.

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