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The pandemic has necessitated change on a massive scale across all aspects of life, including the world of work. It has made us question how and why we do things, and question whether what we’re doing is still relevant. Some organisations have been able to adapt and ride the storm and others have been barely treading water. What’s certain is that there are more challenges ahead, with continued uncertainty and an economic downturn. It’s critical that individuals and organisations are able to learn, adapt and innovate in order to survive, continue to be relevant, and thrive.

This is where adopting a growth mindset really comes in. We know that in a world as ambiguous and uncertain as the one we live in right now, our need to adapt, innovate and ultimately take chances will be the difference between success and failure. We know that when the conditions are at their most harsh it is not the strongest who win out, it is those who have the ability to adapt and be flexible.

Research form our partners at the Matthew Syed Consulting group have shown that organisations that have developed a learning mindset are 30% more likely to be market leaders over time. This is not something for HR think tanks to conceptualise over – this is something that every business leader should be taking action on today.

The great thing about learning cultures is they can be learnt – that seems an obvious statement and yet, how often do we look at the world as it is set. How often do we look at things happening around us and believe that we have little or no influence. Growth Mindset on an individual level and at an organisation scale can be developed, harnessed and directed towards success.

Why practice helps

As a partner of Mathew Syed’s business we are obviously huge fans of his work. He has recently launched a new podcast called Talent Takes Practice where he talks with stars from a whole range of disciplines, with sport being the principle focus. In this series he shares so many insights in to how growth mindset wins out over talent. In a recent interview he was speaking to Ian Poulter, the world class golfer and the discussion around the importance of focus and discipline and working with what you have, yet being open to learn form others was super insightful. A great lesson for any of us who leads teams or businesses. Poulter is not the most naturally talented golfer, yet his desire, his awareness and his willingness to learn have helped him create a highly successful career.

You can listen to the episode here:

It is a great listen.

I would love to hear from you , your examples of how you use Growth Mindset in your business to help you overcome challenges and achieve success.

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