Radical Commitment To The Truth

What does it mean?

Let’s break it down. Radical means far reaching or thorough – it’s fundamental. Commitment means a pursuit of, or dedicated to a cause or outcome. Truth being a quality or state that is accepted as being true, fact or reality.

So, a radical commitment to the truth means that there is a fundamental pursuit of facts or information that is known to be true and can be objectively verified.

When applied to performance this means that an individual will do whatever it takes to uncover, understand and evaluate the truth in everything they do. They will look objectively at their actions and measure them against specific, knowable standards. They will be accountable to the truth.

A case in point…

Why the truth matters…

The best and the truth…

When you explore the way the best prepare themselves they create systems and process to make them accountable to the truth.

They understand that feedback – clear unambiguous and critical feedback is essential for getting to be the best they can be. They do not allow ego, fear or vanity to get between them and the harsh reality of where they are at. They know that any gap between where they are at and where they think they are will only get magnified in the cold light of consequential performance.

They know that we do not step up to the challenge, we step down to the level of our preparation and training. This is why a radical commitment to the truth matters so much. The truth will ultimately out – the is just as true in performance as it is in life.

Radical commitment to the truth in business.

Radical Candour…

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