Would you fight back?

On Saturday I had the immense pleasure of presenting at an event by the wonderful James Boardman and his Elite Movement. I spoke about the power of habits as the building blocks of high performance.

I was joined on stage by one of the most inspiring people I have had the pleasure to meet – a man called Marcos Jarvis. His linked In profile has him listed as “Survivor”.

His talk, Awaken the Warrior, was all about how he has battled with and survived stage 4 terminal cancer. His story is a true inspiration.

From normality to awakening

In his own words he was a pretty ordinary guy. Living his life with his wife and his young son. Then one day it was all turned on it’s head as he discovered he had pancreatic cancer with suspected secondary cancers of the liver.

He was given 91 days to live.

He was told to go home and enjoy eating whatever he liked cause 7 days later he would be starting chemo. He had a less than 1% chance of surviving.

1% was all he needed.

What would you do?

Neither him or his wife knew much at all about cancer, so he went home and consumed everything he could find about the disease. His response was to get curious, learn and try to discover a way to fight. His inner warrior was awoken.

He also decided that he would give his body all the help he could to fight. He changed his diet, becoming plant based. he began exercising, even though running 200 metres nearly wiped him out. He started using cold therapy and enlisted in a Wim Hoff instruction programme so he could work on his breathing.

He had no idea if it would work but he decided that he was going to fight. If there was even the slightest chance he wanted to do everything he could to multiply it through his own choices.

As a listened I asked myself what would I do? the reality is we will never know until we are put in that space…

1500 Days later

As he stood on stage it was more than 1500 days beyond the 91 he was given and he is now living cancer free. During his endless rounds of chemo he clocked up more than 2,500 miles running. In fact he went out and ran 17 miles the day after one bout of chemo.

He puts the vast majority of his remarkable survival to his mindset. His sheer unwillingness to let Cancer rob him of enjoying seeing his little boy grow.

Don’t wait for the big event to make the change

Beyond the inspiration and sheer emotion of listening to Marcos, the key lesson was “Don’t wait until you hear something like you have 91 days to live” to make the changes in your life that will help you live a more fulfilled, meaningful, healthy life.

We have this belief that time is forever. I am sure like me you have a view that you will live until you are into your old age and have years to do the things you want. Not all of us will get that chance.

Today is the day to make a decision to change the way you live to focus on health, happiness and fulfilment.

Time is the only resource that we cannot replace. It is also the only resource that whilst being consistent (there are only 24 hours in everyone’s day) is also dished out in different quantities. None of us knows how much is really left in our account so we best start really investing the time we do have in the things that will enhance our lives.

Big plans for 2024!

Taking inspiration from Marcos I have been procrastinating for ages on putting dates in the diary for 2024 In person Mindset Learning Events. So today I sat down and planed 3 dates in for 2024. Please secure these in your diary now – we will confirm details closer the time:

Friday 2nd March 2024

Friday 21st June 2024 – Summer Party

Friday 15th November 2024

Our aim is to have 3 events with great speakers, great opportunities to learn and share and of course a chance to socialises and connect with peers who are passionate about learning. I am hoping that one of the speakers will be Marcos so you can hear his remarkable story first hand.

Put the dates in your diary now!

See you in 2024!

If you think we can help your business and you would like to get a feel for who we are let’s have a chat.

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