Feedback Mastery Unleashed

We are super excited to launch our brand new mini-programme – Feedback Mastery Unleashed! The 28 Day Programme To Ignite High Performance Leadership for High Achieving Teams”

Over the years I have worked with thousands of leaders and one of the most consistent challenges they face is how to provide great, performance enhancing feedback in a way that feels both congruent with who they are and is well received by their teams.

Yet, each of these leaders are different and their concerns around giving great feedback are also different. For some it is the emotional challenge. For others it is a routine and time issue. Others its the skill of being critical and yet motivational. Others yet struggle with praise and how to inspire, as they personally don’t enjoy being “in the limelight”.

Feedback Mastery has been designed to help you whatever your needs. You will embark on a personal growth journey to develop the skills and confidence in the areas that really are meaningful to you.

Whatever your personal skill gap you will provide the right support, learning and practical tips that will help you to truly master Feedback.

Feedback Mastery Unleashed will help bridge the skills gap for people leaders who are striving their hardest to build high performing teams and yet struggle with this most critical skill area, causing:

  1. Stagnant performance – the business sets out ambitious growth plans and yet, due to the inability of leaders to really provide the right support teams are not personally growing fast enough to keep pace with the business demands.
  2. Diminishing employee morale – we know that feedback plays a significant part in employee engagement levels. Where managers fall short in this critical skill we see reduced commitment and willingness from team members who don’t feel valued and appreciated.
  3. Increased labour turnover – people vote with their feet. Even great cultures like Camelot / Allwin can see people leaving because they become disillusioned with their career development or personal growth. So much of this could be improved or mitigated if better quality conversations were taking place.
  4. Poor communication. We know this is key and yet, the most clear and simple mechanism to improve communication is overlooked – consistent regular 1:1 discussions and feedback is the gateway to improving overall organisational communication.
  5. Skills development gaps – without consistent feedback your leaders are not identifying skills gaps earlier enough to prevent impacts on bottom line delivery. 

The system is built around small daily bite-size micro learning – helping you to rapidly gather the requisite skills and knowledge to help you simplify the most difficult of conversations. Each day will demand no more than 15 minutes of your time.

To find out more please click here and grab your seat – the programme starts on Monday 22nd January 2024!

If you think we can help your business and you would like to get a feel for who we are let’s have a chat.

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