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Give me 30 minutes of your time for 5 days and I will show you how to double your profits in your business whilst working fewer hours using my 5 Day Business Design Framework ...

FREE 5 day challenge reveals how ambitious business owners can start to make more money whilst working fewer hours by implementing our proven Business Design Framework

Join me for the FREE Business Boost Challenge where I will personally walk you through the hidden secrets to building your profits and a better business through a proven framework that you can start to implement immediately

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The Challenge starts March 1st 2021:


You missed out!

Introducing the Business Boost Challenge
For the first time ever I have taken my proven Business Design Framework and boiled down the initial 5 steps you need to take and created a FREE 5-day challenge to help you design the business you really want. You will get a plan to help you get clear on how you can start to make real changes to the way you run your business so that you can start to make more money, whilst working fewer hours, all with 1-1 help from me personally.

This is only usually available for paid clients who follow my proven Business Design Framework.
Now…through a simple five day process with video training, live streams, full support and all your questions answered – you will walk away at the end of our time together with everything you need to build a hugely profitable business that is designed around the life you want to live.

Ready to take action?

  •  The SECRET to a business that works for you rather than you work for it - using the same framework we have helped many business owners achieve freedom and flexibility whilst running highly profitable business.
  •  The simple yet highly effective steps to understand your ideal client, and work out why they use your services so you can attract more of the customers you really want!
  •  The powerful method you can use to double your profits by doing less not more - we help you to focus on what really makes a difference so you can start to achieve the financial freedom you desire.
  •  The step by step system we use that helps you to DESIGN your business in a way that makes you feel in complete control, and gives you the confidence to know you are on the right track!
  •  Help you uncover the clarity that leads to real confidence so you can discover a better way to grow your business, so you can make a bigger difference to you clients, whilst avoiding the feelings of guilt because you don't spend enough time with your family.

Each day I will be sharing one task with the group in the private Facebook Group - each day is designed to take you a maximum of 15 minutes. You simply post your responses in the comments and I will be there each day to review and provide feedback to help you to get it just right for your business.

I will be LIVE in the group each day to answer any questions that you might have, and to help you start to design your ideal business serving your ideal clients whilst working around the lifestyle that you ideally want.

If you are ready to end the frustration of working super hard and not seeming to make any progress, to start feeling more confident and gain the clarity needed to achieve your business goals then this challenge is for you!

If you are ready to end the frustration - to stop feeling like you are spread too thin and struggling to know which way to turn then you have landed in the right place!

Hosted by Haydn Bratt

You will walk away at the end of the 5 days with…

  • Your business blueprint that will show you exactly what you need to do to double your profits
  • Real clarity on the real drivers behind your business – a clear insight into the life you want, why this matters and importantly how to get it
  • You will understand the exact formula that will see your business double it’s profits
  • How you can future proof your business so that you can thrive no matter what is happening in the world around you
  • You will know exactly what you should be doing to add the most value to your business – and importantly stop doing all the stuff that distracts you from earning more money in less time
  • You will leave with clarity and confidence to start designing a business around the life you want to live.

One thing I can promise you.
This is unlike any other Business Coaching challenge out there.
This 5 Day Business Boost challenge has been designed specifically to help you gain the clarity you need to move forward and take intentional action to improve your results today.
I was driven to bring this challenge to you. I know just how important it is to create a business that is not only successful, yet also means that we get to enjoy this success. Too many business owners I work with feel trapped inside their business, working long hours and making little or no progress towards the dream life they secretly desire.  They say to me: "One day I will..." or "As soon as..." and of course "If X happens then I will..." 

It seems like they are always putting off til tomorrow the chance to envy life. if this year has proven anything to us - tomorrow isn't certain so we need to start to fully live life today!

I know there is a better way – one that works and I set my mind to giving as many business owners as possible the opportunity to design their business so that they can enjoy their life today!
The one thing that every business owner I have worked with says at the end of the working with me is that they are so grateful that they have been able to see their brilliant idea come to fruition. They all want to make a difference and they need to have a successful (and profitable business) so they can fulfil this desire to help others.

They all share the joy of having the financial freedom and flexibility to start living a life closer to the one in their dreams than they ever thought imaginable.  They didn’t want to wait 10 – 15 years to start to enjoy the fruits of their labour – they wanted to start enjoying their life now. That is what the Business Design Framework can do for you!
I believe that when you are invested in getting results for your people, and doing it through a framework that doesn’t lead you to feeling burnt out and exhausted, then the sky is the limit and your dreams are just the start.
Everything I share with you in the 5-day challenge is FREE.
No catches.
There will be an opportunity for you to continue to work with me for further support – if you want to  - but that is entirely up to you.
The challenge itself is 100% solid-gold training that you can take and implement on it’s own.
I am tired of the gimmicks – just like you – so you won’t be tricked into doing that something that doesn’t feel right - that is not the way I work. I will give you my best that is a guarantee!
I only ask that if you join us, you show up and you give it your all. Because everything I’ve put into the system can and will change your life…if you put in the work.

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