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The undeniable power of tiny interactions to achieve enormous results.

Welcome to MicroLeadership – if you are a leader who is serious about creating a series of powerful success habits that will help you to thrive in today’s highly connected, technology driven world we can help you.

People build businesses.

People want better leaders who inspire them to be their best. If you are a leader who is serious about creating a series of powerful success habits that will help you to thrive in today’s highly connected, technology driven world Microleadership can help you.

“Finally, a book that understands what it means to lead in today’s highly complex and agile business world. Microleadership is full of practical tips and advice on how to develop high performing, highly connected teams."
Don Randall MBE
Former Managing Director at JPMorgan Chase and Head of Security At The Bank Of England

MicroLeadership is the Future of Leadership

Micro-management is a bad thing – but microleadership might just be the best lesson you ever learn. Think marginal gains for leadership!

Microleadership is not who you are – it is what you repeatedly do. Every tiny interaction you make will contribute to the achievement of results you didn’t even think possible!

Microleadership the most powerful guide to leading in the modern world. It will provide you with 6 easy-to-follow principles and a host of practical tools that will enable you to immediately change the way you lead, and help you deliver outstanding levels of success. microleadership is a blueprint of exactly how you will make the small changes that deliver enormous results

A Few Words About Who It Is For

MicroLeadership is aimed at anyone who leads multi-generational teams in complex environments where old hierarchical structures and traditional management principles just don’t seem to fit. If you are looking for the edge that will make a difference to the performance of your team or organisation then Microleadership is for you.

We hear a lot from leaders or business’ where they have highly adept technical experts who are now stepping into leadership roles and need help to develop these complex people leadership skills. The 6 habits that are the foundations of MicroLeadership will make you a leadership rockstar!

  • Make decisions under pressure with unclear or incomplete information
  • Rapidly communicate clarity and inspire those you lead
  • Build connection and engagement by tuning into the needs of your team
  • Deliver exceptional levels of personal output without destroying your own life balance
  • Lead diverse teams and harness the power of subject matter experts and emerging talent
  • Produce tangible improvements to your business’ growth and financial performance by focussing on what really makes a difference.

Want To Know a Little Bit More?

Framed around the book of the same name Microleadership will help you explore and evaluate your skills against the key habits that mark out the best leaders in the world today. You will learn the 6 key habits of Microleaders:

Live In The Gap

How to spot and maximise opportunities. We explore the ability of the leader to think with clarity and order to identify the opportunities to make a difference – even when faced with highly ambiguous situations.

Dare To Fail

Human performance growth only happens when you stretch outside of your comfort zone and step into a space where your success is uncertain. It is by challenging ourselves to fail that we really produce our best.

Be A Connector

Great leadership rests in the ability to make a positive impact on those around you. In this session we will look at the art of connection and how as a leader you can find ways to influence others.

Show Up

A lot of leadership development focusses on getting the best from others but a key part of any leaders’ ability lies in demonstrating that they also deliver to a high level. The ability to step up and show up when needed is critical to inspire others.

Find A Way

Every leader faces challenges and obstacles and things don’t always go to plan – microleaders understand that the ability to win comes not from everything being perfect but in finding a way when things don’t go quite right.

Live To Serve

Leadership fundamentally is about creating movement and the leaders job is to help their team “move” to a better place or state so they can become brilliant. The leaders job is to give everything they have in service of those they lead so that they can be excellent.


Haydn Bratt – Author of Microleadership.

Leadership Expert and High Performance Coach

Having worked as a Learning & Development expert for over 20 years, he has a passion for understanding the drivers of peak human performance.

He is a coach and facilitator who helps organisations to improve their organisational capability. Founding partner of Mindset Leadership, an organisation that is changing the world one leader at a time Haydn has worked with clients across the globe including FTSE 250 organisations to help them unlock the potential of their teams.

If you think we can help your business and you would like to get a feel for who we are let’s have a chat.

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