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Maximise your Mindset Advantage

Mindset Advantage is the only commercially available tool specifically designed to measure Growth Mindset.

Growth Mindset is the belief that an individual can grow and develop through dedication, hard work and purposeful practice and not just rely on given talent. (Syed, 2015)

Why does Growth Mindset matter?

Growth Mindset cultures are innovative, they learn from mistakes and they consistently outperform the competition.

Performance =

Growth Mindset + Positive Team Dynamics

Mindset Leadership bring you the Mindset Advantage tool to enable you to effectively measure the Growth Mindset of your individuals, teams and your organisation.

The tool measures beliefs, attitudes and behaviours to show how individuals directly impact the success of your organisation.

From the research conducted by Carol Dweck and further studies since we know that Growth Mindset can be developed and improved through purposeful practice. The Mindset Advantage system will help you to focus on the specific areas that make the biggest difference to your results.

We will work with you to identify the specific actionable insights that will develop your Growth Mindset and generate even higher levels of performance.

Our Mindset Consultants will support your business to maximise the potential of your team.

How does Growth Mindset make a difference in your organisation?

Here are just a few ways that Growth Oriented Teams contribute at a higher level:

  • They believe that feedback provides opportunities. Moreover, they view it as an opportunity to learn and as a prompt to invest more effort or change strategies.
  • They enjoy working on new or difficult problems and tasks that will allow them to learn and develop. Ultimately, they embrace challenge.
  • They do not allow mistakes or setbacks to slow them down and are not constrained by how they may be perceived by others.
  • They learn through experience and seek out opportunities to develop – they don’t wait to have it handed down to them.
  • They work collaboratively, sharing ideas and are open to learning from others.
  • They understand that the cause of problems may be complex and take time to think through problems rather than jump to assign blame.
  • They have a desire to learn new skills, master new tasks and understand new things.
  • They feel comfortable with ambiguity, embrace change and demonstrate an optimistic perspective

So how does this help my organisation perform?

By measuring your Growth Mindset you can identify the attitudes in your business that are contributing to or hindering your ability to grow, change, innovate and improve.

The tool gives you powerful, actionable insight with specific outputs that you can start to work on immediately. Our Mindset Consultants will work with you to help you create a plan to target the areas that you need to focus on and help you make the changes that will lead to real lasting performance growth.

When you shift Mindset you shift behaviours and this leads to long term performance growth

Here are some of the results gained using Mindset Advantage:

"Our work around growth mindset is making tangible our culture as an innovative and supportive law firm, which helps us to attract and retain the right people."

Partner Global Law Firm

"We have improved quality, productivity and capacity through growth mindset, saving us hundreds of thousands of pounds a year and helping us increase revenues and profits."

Operations Director, Logistics Organisation

We work with individuals to develop Growth Mindset, and help leaders apply growth mindset behaviours and practices in their teams.

When growth mindset is put into practice across teams, this helps to create a learning culture in the organisation.

The Individual reports are delivered straight to each recipient and they can start taking action on their own report as soon as they like.

At a Team level the report shows the range of attitudes across the team and measures these across a wide range of factors. This gives the team members and the Team Leader rich insight that specifically focuses on the factors to collectively develop a growth mindset as a team.

When taken to the Organisational level Mindset Advantage will illuminate the real drivers that are underpinning the performance of the organisation as a whole. This macro level view provides real clarity of the factors that are driving the organisation forward to growth; or holding it back. Working with our Mindset Consultants we will partner to create a detailed plan that will target these areas and improve performance overall.

Having a powerful measurement tool in place means you can clearly evaluate the changes you are making in your business; and the tangible impacts of these changes.

Mindset Advantage gives you the ability to quickly and clearly identify what is holding your business back from delivering the results you want.

If you think we can help your business and you would like to get a feel for who we are let’s have a chat.

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