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How well does your leadership measure up?

According to a recent Harvard Review, 58% of people say they trust strangers more than their Senior Leadership Team. A truly shocking statistic which makes us consider where and why many leadership teams are failing to be effective and gain the trust of their team. It is also not a mystery that employee engagement continues to sink. The Gallup organisation reminds us every couple of years that nearly 70 percent of employees are actively disengaged.

What’s your current reality?

Mindset Consult is our diagnostic process which is designed to get under the skin of your business using comprehensive reviews with key stakeholders to identify core behaviours and habits underpinning the culture of the organisation. More importantly, it is designed to support you as a leader of an organisation who cares about people and business performance and understands how they are so intimately linked.

Many of our clients seek our support in overcoming obstacles the business may be facing and choose this as a standalone service in which we then provide solutions and recommendations on how to move forward. Others may choose to use this as part of a wider intervention program (Mindset Growth) focused on identifying the change needed and developing the skillset within the organisation to ensure the change happens successfully and for the long term.

At Mindset Leadership, we work alongside you every step of the way and our human centered approach places people right at the very heart of our process. Mindset Consult works at every level of the organisation from Board level to Entry level employees seeking to understand their reality with empathy and objective impartiality.

The process comprises several interviews, focus groups and data analysis in order to understand the context and challenges the business is facing. We draw inspiration from the concepts in our very own Microleadership book (Haydn Bratt, 2017). A book which is having astonishing results with both individuals and business leaders alike because it gives the blueprint needed to deliver enormous results through small changes.

Our clients put value on Psychometric or Behavioural profiling tools. These tools assist individuals and leaders to gain insight into their strengths, areas for development and potential blind spots. The use of such tools has yielded excellent results in organisations, driving change to make them perform better. We are accredited to deliver Insights Discovery, MBTI, TMP (Team Management Profile) in addition to our recent accreditation to use Mindset Advantage (Growth Mindset) in partnership with Matthew Syed.

Without effective leadership, even the best and boldest strategies die on the vine, their potential never realised. Our team are expert leadership consultants and coaches who are highly trained at getting the best out of people to create the high performance needed for an organisation to succeed and compete on the market.

Let Mindset Consult be the first step in creating results.

Discovering a new way to develop talent

Mindset have been working with the Board and Senior Leadership Team of a national field marketing agency. Mindset have conducted a full review of the current development approach, both in the HQ and the field-based teams, and made recommendations for a best in class people development solution.

As part of this intervention, we looked at:

  • The structure of the learning function – technical and developmental
    Core technical development (how to maximise existing content)
  • Soft skills development at all levels
    Leadership and management skills for field-based management teams
  • Development opportunities for HQ teams
  • Culture – how the vision and values are “lived”
  • Leadership Team development

The objective was to improve engagement and colleague retention for the field-based teams whilst also developing the leadership and management capability of those that progress through their succession route.

If you think we can help your business and you would like to get a feel for who we are let’s have a chat.

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