Leadership Development Programmes designed specifically for your business

Looking for development that actually works?

Mindset Leadership specialise in creating truly tailored development programmes. Working with us to invest in your leadership will:

  • Empower leaders with the confidence to make a difference to results and team engagement
  • Create high performing people leaders who in turn create high performing teams
  • Harness the power of growth mindset in your organisation
  • Develop a genuine coaching culture through human centred leadership
  • Create a limitless supply of internal talent that will build your organisations ability to compete in the short and long term

Your biggest opportunity or your biggest challenge?

Leading people can be a real challenge and too many new managers are not supported as they make the transition into a people management role. Mindset Leadership will work with you to create a tailored development plan that will ensure that all of your people managers receive practical training and guidance on how to create a high performing team.

The biggest risk facing today’s business is low engagement from teams – and the biggest negative impact on teams is the quality of management. If you are not training your managers to become highly effective leaders then your business will suffer from:

  • Low engagement and morale
  • Sub optimal productivity
  • Low service standards
  • Average performance

We create the perfect fit

Working with Mindset Leadership we tailor a range of highly effective solutions to match the needs of your business. Working within a values or competency framework already in place in the business (or we can help create this with you if you don’t have one) we can design creative and impactful interventions that actually make a difference and help your leaders perform.

Our leadership development builds on a foundation of developing a Growth Mindset and draws on our own unique insight into leadership from our book MicroLeadership. However, this is just the research and insight that is at the core of what we do – how we help your business to apply this in a way that works for your culture is what we do best.

Here are two examples of programmes we have created:

Large UK Technology Client

Mindset Leadership was tasked with supporting this global tech firm with developing a strong leadership team and succession pipeline in their UK operations.

We created a solution across 3 hierarchy levels in the business. The Senior Leadership Team (Circa 45 heads) were taken through a 9 month leadership journey, focussing on personal growth, team leadership, coaching and increasing their personal and business influence. A combination of media based learning resources, highly practical expert facilitation events and 1:1 coaching was designed, all based around the newly introduced Values and culture programme.

In additions we created a series of short (2 hour), highly effective and practical masterclasses for the operational managers. These were designed to reduce time away from the office to a minimum and through use of technology and a range of media to support learning we were able to encourage development of self directed learning. The leaders from the senior programme also acted as mentors for the operational managers.

Finally we took a team of high potential future talent and created a masterclass programme for them, augmented by a series of “learning pods” – small group interventions focussed on developing core coaching skills.

Independent Logistics Business

Mindset Leadership was asked to help the senior leadership team of this private business to develop into a high performing team. Business performance had not been as strong as the business wanted and a relatively newly formed leadership team were bought together under the leadership of the MD.

We worked alongside this new leadership team to create a core purpose and develop a structured development programme for this team to enhance their leadership capability and also to work more effectively together to lead this business. Creating values and a core ethos we worked alongside them to change the culture of the business to focus more on performance and less on traditional ways of working.

A series of facilitated team activities coupled with personal coaching for all members of the team, created both team ownership and personal accountability. This led to an up-turn in business performance and a more cohesive team.

If you think we can help your business and you would like to get a feel for who we are let’s have a chat.

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