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High Performance Teams

Building Learning Cultures

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast” -- Peter Drucker

In today’s VUCA world it is more important than ever that your culture is one that promotes and supports learning.

We Are Obsessed With High Performance…

For over 20 years we have been obsessed with uncovering what helps individuals and teams optimise their performance.

In 2018 in Haydn’s first book he first created the Microleadership™ System – 6 core habits that are the bedrock of high performance.

Based around this framework we support Leadership Teams, Project Teams or Functional Teams to embed these principles and achieve high performance.

Vision & Strategy Creation
Personal Accountability & Ownership
Building Psychological Safety
Creating Belonging
Team Resilience
Learning from Failure

Creating Learning Organisations

We are your Learning Team

86% of businesses say learning is vital – yet internal L&D teams either do not exist or are significantly under resourced in many organisations

Nearly 30%of UK workers claim they have not received any formal workplace learning. Yet 94% say they would stay with their company longer if their was investment in their Learning and development

The biggest barrier? Time. Nearly 61% of L&D professionals say they lack the time to meet all the learning demands of their business.

We are here to help.

Mindset Learning is the L&D team who can help you shift the needle in your business. Highly skilled, experienced learning leaders who will work with you to develop a learning culture in your business

Mindset Learning Hangout

The Inclusive Weekly Virtual Hangout For Learning Specialists, L&D Teams And Facilitators To Connect, Engage And Inspire.

You are passionate about learning.

You believe that learning is the key to the long term future health of organisations.

You care deeply about helping individuals, teams and the business grow by developing their capability and creating a learning culture.

You love discussing the hot most important topics that are impacting business today with fellow specialists who you can learn from and be inspired by.

You know that you have to invest in your own learning and growth so that you can continue to grow personally and professionally

You will love the Mindset Learning Hangout…

The Mindset Learning Hangout

A Weekly 60 minute virtual “hangout” hosted on zoom.

FREE to register. Join fellow learning specialists and meet to provide updates on key activities in your world, learn about what is happening in other organisations related to learning and engage in energising conversations about the hot topics of the day

The chance to meet and connect with a talented network of learning leaders. The ability to collaborate and form strong, trusted partnerships that will accelerate your ability to achieve your business and personal goals.

No commitment or membership required – simply register and we will include you in our weekly invite and add you to our What’s App group.
Drop in when you can – join the conversation and meet with other like hearted learning professionals. Grab a cuppa and come and have a fun 60 minutes that will lift your energy and inspire you.

If you think we can help your business and you would like to get a feel for who we are let’s have a chat.

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