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Want to develop but short on time?

At Mindset Leadership we recognise that not every leader and not every business has access to highly effective leadership development or training courses to help them lead their people.

As a result we have created a series of short, effective, online resources that will help leaders who care about their personal growth make real changes to the way they lead – for not a lot of money. We have designed them to offer massive value for minimal investment.

VIRTUAL tools that produce ACTUAL results

Each of the programmes below provides you with:

  • A series of short highly impactful videos
  • Each is filled with practical tips and techniques you can use IMMEDIATELY
  • Each video series is supported by our unique “Virtual coaching guide” – a series of great questions and short activities that when followed, will lead to performance improvement! It really is like have a personal coach with you when you want it.
  • All the videos are yours to keep – forever. One fee and then you have personal access to them forever.

The Power Mindset

6 short videos that will help you to power up your thinking and enable you to create a series of success habits that, if applied daily will augment your thinking and change the way you live your life – forever.

The Power Mindset has been specially designed around short impactful lessons that will not take you too much time to understand and yet, when mastered will enable you to make significant improvements to the results you achieve.

Do you want:

  • Greater confidence
  • The courage to “go for it”
  • Get rid of the doubts that hold you back
  • Quieten the inner voice who is always bringing you down
  • More energy, more belief and the chance to become a better version of you!

The 6 short videos (5 – 6 mins each) cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Power Mindset and habit formation
  • Belief
  • Future Focus
  • Growth Strategies
  • Step outside your comfort zone
  • Everyday courage
  • Special Bonus video on self-belief.

These great video are yours to keep for £49

Crack the Code

Mindset Leadership has created an 8 video series called Crack the Code. This is designed for leaders of people who are looking to work on their skills so that they can become even more effective as leaders.

It is aimed for those who are new to leading and those who have been leading others and yet still seem to struggle to achieve the high levels of performance that they desire.

If you:

  • Feel overwhelmed by your work and never seem to have a spare minute
  • Struggle to get your team members to take initiative
  • Are constantly chasing team members up for work, or worse doing it yourself to make sure it gets done properly
  • Finding it hard to delegate
  • Want to motivate your team
  • Care about how best to develop your people and want to see them improve
  • Want to invest time in your own personal growth but don’t have time or can’t afford a full blown leadership development programme

1If you can answer yes to these then Crack the Code is definitely for you.

The 8 videos are each 30 minutes long and each one has very specific lessons coupled with practical tips and techniques you can apply in your leadership practice.

In addition you will receive the “Virtual Coach” tool that will inspire you to think differently and commit to changing your daily habits.

Crack the code is available at £149

If you think we can help your business and you would like to get a feel for who we are let’s have a chat.

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