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We believe everyone should have the right to do the job they love in an environment that inspires them to be their best. We do this by designing better workplaces and developing better leaders

Welcome to Mindset Leadership.

We are on a mission to make the future of work better.

Habit based leadership development that gets real results!

Frustrated that things don’t get done half as easily or as quickly as you wish?

Fed up of feeling like you constantly have to be on top of things for anything to happen round here?

Still dreaming of that rarest of unicorns – the high performing team? The team that achieves awesome results and yet it feels effortless! A team where you can go on holiday and not have to spend the entire time glued to your smart device? 

If this sounds familiar we are here to help.

Our unique leadership development approach focuses on habits as the building blocks of long term sustainable behaviour change and high performance – for leaders and the teams they lead.

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Business Design Framework

Small business owners everywhere are the backbone of the world’s economy. We love you guys – you are the fuel that powers innovation, growth and opportunity.

Yet, leading your own business can be hard and lonely. We know, we run one too!

We created the Business Design Mastermind to help highly driven, brilliant business owners to build their business in a better way. A business designed around your dream life, rather than feeling like you have to wrap your life around your business!

If you want to find out more you can sign up to our next Free Business Boost Challenge that reveals how overstretched business owners can start to achieve financial freedom scaling their business whilst working FAR fewer hours.

5 Day Challenge Testimonials:

Insight and inspiration…

The latest news and insights about people, performance and the power of thinking differently.

Shaun’s story…

Yesterday I was coaching a member of my Microleadership 66 Day Day challenge who was feeling overwhelmed. Let’s call him Shaun – mainly because that

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How We Can Help You

Here is just a little taste of some of the other ways we can help you…

If you think we can help your business and you would like to get a feel for who we are let’s have a chat.

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